Keep A Relationship Alive

How to Keep a Relationship Alive: 12 Steps to 

Getting it Right

There is always that one couple that you see in the street or you know personally, who seem to have it all. They are madly in love and very happy. After 3 years or more everyone wonder "Aren't they sick of each other yet?" The answer is obviously no they are not.
Outsiders looking in may think that it is because the man is doing all the work that is how he treats all woman and the same goes for the woman, men feel that is just how she treats all men. That is farthest from the truth, it is just how they teat each other. If one would go to another person, he or she may not treat you the same as they would each other. When you find your true love here are some tips on how to keep the love growing.
1. Have a date night- Married or not you both have lives outside of the relationship and making one day a week all about you and your sweetie will make it even more special. As they say, "absences makes the heart grow fonder" A bonus will also be how much fun you have with one another.
2. Write a love letter- let your girlfriend or boyfriend know how much you love them. It does not have to 4 pages long and it can even be a poem. Just let them know once in a while that they are someone truly special in your life.
3. Good sex- Sex is not important especially if you are just starting out but it does help. Being in touch with one another's feelings in the bedroom can go a long way. Use scented candles or soothing music to get the mood started. When you are having sex don't make it about yourself getting satisfied but about the both of you getting an orgasm.
4. Fight-Yes that's right have an argument. I believe nothing is more boring than a couple who says they never fight. That is just an out right lie. Every couple argues and there is no shame in it. It only becomes unhealthy when names called and fists are being thrown. Those things are never acceptable. Fights help you find out how the other feels about certain topics like family and boundaries.
5. Respect- Without respect there is no relationship. Everyone no mater who they are or what they have done deserves respect. To be treated as an equal and nothing less.
6. Have common interest- this is not a major thing but it does help in a relationship to have something that both of you are interested in like, biking and writing. To also have a common interest in making the relationship last.
7. Open Communication- it is almost like fighting but different. Communication needs to be an everyday occurrence for the relationship to last. You both need to know how the other one is feeling and what is going on in the relationship. To keep the other informed that you are indeed happy and that there is no reason for them to fear that you will stray.
8. Loyalty and Faithfulness-I do not care what any one says this is needed for a relationship to work. Everyone deserves to have someone who is there for them and only them. It's only moral and in today's world the healthy thing to do. I have heard the arguments that animals have more than one partner but last time I checked I walked on two legs and not four. I don't have a feathers and wings. I do talk coherently with words and sentences. A relationship that is meant to be will be easy for you to stay faithful and no need to go to another person. Put your heart and soul into the relationship if by chance it doesn't work, you can't say you didn't try.
9. Know when to forgive- that hey may come a time that you will have to decide when to forgive. If by chance your love one does go to another, you need to re-evaluate what you cared most about them. Or maybe they talked to an ex more times than necessary. You have to decide can you forgive and move on or do you have to let them go. If you do decide to forgive as hard as it may be you have to keep it in the past. Let them show you that they are truly sorry.
10. Call each other- If you are just starting out or you have been dating awhile call the other one to find out how they day went. This shows that you are interested in what happens to them when you are away. It also shows how much you missed being with them and hearing their voice. You maybe surprised at how long the conversation last just by saying I miss you or how you doing today?
11. Take it slow- Don't rush into anything you might regret later. Take the time to know each other. Let it flow naturally just by taking it one day at a time. Especially with sex, take your time before going to bed with the person; it just might save a whole lot of drama that the relationship is not ready to handle.
12. Last but not least TRUST! - Without trust there is no relationship. Do not assume the worst of your partner. Let the relationship take its course. Only be untrusting when it is warranted.
I believe that if you follow these steps your relationship will go into the right direction. It might even save you unnecessary arguments or hurt feeling in the long run. A relationship is not the easiest thing in the world but it is not the hardest. They will be times where it is so hard that you might want to leave but if it is right they will always be something that will stop you. After all the drama and tears you may come to realize that your partner is the one for you


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